Seven Saints Crochet Lamps

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Seven Saints Crochet Lights

With seven unique models and 16 colours (in solid or two-colour formats) to work with, the Seven Saints collection offers endless possibilities for residential or commercial spaces. Use any model as a single feature in any room or mix different models and colours in a group or cluster to create a dramatic one-of-a-kind interior installation.

The Seven Saints of Marrakech

Paying homage to the revered Seven Saints of Marrakech, whose tombs in the Medina have long been destinations of religious pilgrimage, this collection of exotic statements pendants includes seven unique and complementary models.

Each pendant is hand crocheted by female artisans in a small village community near Marrakech. By partnering with these women we keep their traditional skills alive and create a brighter future for them and their families.


The Luxury of choice

7 Unique Models | 16 Colours

7 Unique Models
16 Colours

Our colour collection is inspired by the diversity of Morocco, from its earthy landscapes, vibrant cities, coastal villages, fragrant spices and dark desert night skies.

16 Colours


Colour is my day long obsession, joy and torment. " 

- Claude Monet


Colour Sample Kit

Not sure which colour or combination of colours will work best in your space? 

Our colour sample kits include the actual thread we use to make our lamps, in the 16 standard colours that we offer. You can touch, see and play with the colours together to create your perfect palette. 

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