Seven Saints

Crochet Lamps

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Made by Hand with Heart


Paying homage to the revered Seven Saints of Marrakech, whose tombs in the Medina have long been destinations of religious pilgrimage, this collection of exotic, architectural pendant lamps features seven distinctive models.

Women artisans handcraft each lamp in a small village community near Marrakech. By partnering with these women, we help keep their traditional skills alive and create a brighter future for them and their families.

7 Models | 16 Colours | Endless Possibilities


The Seven Saints Crochet Lamps collection offers seven models and sixteen colours, allowing you to create unique lighting arrangements for residential, hospitality or commercial spaces.

Each model can be ordered online in one or two colour formats, with custom colour formats also available upon request, empowering you to create the perfect lighting solution for your space.



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