In 2005 I travelled from Sydney to Marrakech on a whim. I soon fell in love with the city and have been calling it home ever since.


Tread Your Own Path


It may have been the romanticised tourist images that drew me here, but it was Morocco's real, raw and gritty side, the melting pot of people and cultures and the creative energy of Marrakech that made me want to stay.

Marrakech is rich in history and culture with influences from Africa, Arabia and Europe. It’s a true melting pot where you can have one foot in the ancient past and the other planted in the modern world.

Daily life here provides an endless source of inspiraton.

We are family

Together with my brother Alex, who lives in Brisbane, and a growing team of local Moroccan artisans we've been quietly creating original handcrafted jewellery, bags, lamps and more for over a decade.

The original seed for Hamimi was planted during Alex's first visit to Marrakech back in 2007. We wanted to share the skills of Moroccan artisans to a wider world, quench our own innate need to create things and most importantly, keep our families connected even though we live on other sides of the world.

In the ensuing years the Hamimi family has grown to include a close knit (or crocheted) team working together in our Marrakech studio and the many local artisans that so skillfully bring our designs to life.

Designed & Crafted in Marrakech

Modern Moroccan Design

Our designs represent a mix of different cultures and different times. We embrace the old and the new, combining traditonal Moroccan materials and techniques with a contemporary sensibility.

Although we take inspiration from daily life in Marrakech our aesthetic is often more in tune with our heritage and the relaxed, contemporary Australian way of life. We tend towards simple and minimal designs with a nod to Morocco through small details, the choice of materials and the techniques we use to create a product.

Traditional Craftsmanship

Our team of Moroccan artisans are at the heart of Hamimi. They bring life to our vision.

Unlike most places in the world today, many goods in Morocco are still made by hand. Artisan skills are often passed down through generations and are a source of pride. It is important to us that we honour and foster this tradition.

We also believe that handmade products have an authenticity and a sense of life that is lacking in many mass and machine-made products which tend to be devoid of any real character or soul.

We aim to be different

Right from the outset, Alex and I wanted to make Hamimi different from the mainstream, not just in terms of the products we create, but how we go about making them and how we treat all people along the way.

When Hamimi was nothing more than a name we'd decided upon (it loosely translates from Arabic to mean 'close to my heart') we penned the following list to help articulate what we wanted Hamimi to be ... and not to be. These values still apply just as much today.

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