Made by Hand in Morocco



On the road to the Atlas Mountains at the far reach of Marrakech rests a little village where a community of women handcraft our beautiful Malika crochet pendant lights. Tapping into their rich history of craftsmanship, we work directly with these women to bring our designs to life.  Malika is the name of the woman that crocheted our very first light. By partnering with these women we aim to  keep their traditional skills alive and help create a brighter future for them and their families.  By supporting with trade, not aid, the positive impact is sustainable.

To reflect their origin, the sculptural shapes are inspired by objects used in daily Moroccan life … tagines, baskets, pots and lanterns. They are made from traditional Moroccan kitan thread and available in two styles, various sizes and many splendid single colour or two colour combinations. 

Choose from 16 Standard Colours ...

Choose from one single colour or two colours ...