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Made by Hand. Made by Women


On the road to the Atlas Mountains, at the far reach of Marrakech, rests a humble village where a small community of women craft our crochet lamps in their homes. Crochet is a craft passed on through generations of women here. 

Inspired by their origin, the sculptural forms of our Malika Crochet lamps draw from everyday Moroccan objects such as tagines, baskets, and pots.

'Malika' is the name of the beautiful woman who made our very first crochet lamp.

2 Models | 4 Sizes | 16 Colours


The Malika collection includes two models, Wahad and Joosh, available in five sizes and sixteen colours. They are suitable for both residential and commercial spaces and can be used as individual pendants or arranged in pairs, groups, or clusters of different models, sizes, and colours.

They can be ordered online in one or two colour formats, and custom colour formats are also available upon request, allowing you to create the perfect lighting solution for your space.



Create Your Perfect Palette

Each lamp is handcrafted by women


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