Brass Jewellery

Berber inspired. Artisan made.
Brass Jewellery
Hebba Crescent Earrings
Floos Cluster Earrings
Hebba Thin Bangle
Hebba Brass Hoop Earrings
Kitab Locket Necklace
Kamah Crescent Hoop Earrings
Floos Brass Bangle Set of 3
Hebba Disc Earrings
Hebba Tri-loop Necklace
Hebba Thick Bangle
Kamah Hoop Earrings
Hebba Halo Pendant Necklace
Kamah Berber Bangle 5 Dot
Hebba Double Disc Earrings
Kamah Thick Conical Bangle
Sahara Diamond Earrings
Shorok Hoop Earrings
Hebba Halo Bracelet
Sahara Hoop Disc Earrings
Handira Floos Earrings
Kamah Mini Double Strand Disc Necklace
Floos Mini Strand Necklace
Kamah Berber Bangle 1 Dot
Sahara Cuff
Handira Fringe Earrings
Hebba Hoop Necklace
Sahara Mixed Charm Bangle
Sahara Disc Bangle
Shorok Thin Bangle
Shorok Necklace
Kamah Thin Conical Bangle
L'adam Wheel Bangle
Floos Cluster Pendant Necklace

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